Warehousing Solutions

Expertlift Warehousing provides specialised solutions and services for the handling, storage and transport of industrial products. We add value to your logistics chain by being consistent, efficient and dynamic.

We Know Warehousing

Cargo handling is performed by qualified and experienced riggers and equipment. operators ensuring the highest quality and safety standards are maintained.

Locations near the ports of Durban and Richards Bay are ideal for the most cost-effective and efficient movement of import and export goods through Southern Africa.

Specialized handling equipment and tooling is used specific to the product for efficient process times and protection of your cargo.

Transparent communication between the client and warehouse management throughout the operation.

Warehousing services form a link in the complete logistics chain that Expertlift has to offer, from source through to final installation.

Products That We Handle

  • Machinery
  • Steel Products
  • Engines and Generators
  • Pumps and Compressors
  • Granite
  • Rubber
  • Medical Equipment