Expertlift operates, owns, have access to one of the biggest fleet in the Southern Africa of latest generation self-propelled modular transporters and conventional trailers, including all necessary accessory equipment to carry out any foreseeable heavy transport.

Heavy haulage trailers for special transports managed by Expertlift are, between the others, self-propelled modular transporters, modular and conventional towed hydraulic platforms, hydraulic semi-trailers, low-bed platform trailers.

Expertlift is also operate of the largest inventory of Strand Jack equipment; Strand Jacks ranging from 15 to 750 ton capacity, these jacks can be used singularly, in pairs, or in groups to give any lifting capacity required. To accompany these, Expertlift manage a large fleet of purpose built diesel-hydraulic and electro hydraulic power packs, all with multiple outlets of matched flow which automatically ensures synchronized operating speeds to each of the jacks through the outlets.

To extend our lifting capabilities and to complement our existing range of lifting equipment, Expertlift have invested in heavy duty cranes to cover, with the usual professional and engineered approach, also that segment of lifting activity. Our access to last-generation crawler cranes such as the Liebherr LR 11350 and LR 1750 are the answer to client's necessity in terms of hoisting of heavy modules and components.

Expertlift manage medium-range cranes and proprietary gantry and screw jacks systems to conduct heavy-lift assembly and erection activities for the final positioning of turbine-generators sets, heavy presses, boiler sections, transformers, storage tanks...

River and maritime activity are performed with group-managed geared heavy lift vessels, local barges and tugboats. Last but not least Expertlift manage an extensive collection of rail cars for the activity of heavy transport on tracks.